Mule Deer
Facebook Screenshot: Iron County Sheriff's Office

Mule Deer is Rescued by Law Enforcement, Then Attacks Them in Wild Body Cam Footage

These Utah law enforcement officers got more than they bargained for with this deer rescue.

This is the season for deer, elk and moose rescues. As the rut starts to heat up in many parts of the country, the animals are starting to get aggressive. With that, they start picking fights with inanimate objects that end up getting them into trouble.

We have seen plenty of crazy deer rescue videos here at Wide Open Spaces, but this is a new one for us. In this body cam footage, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Officer Kody Jones and Iron County Sheriff's Deputy Dustin Roy work together to rescue a young buck that got his antlers hopelessly tangled in a hammock.

What usually happens in these rescues is that the deer simply runs away after being freed. In this case however, the young buck decides to turn on his rescuers and thus begins an impromptu deer-human wrestling match!

Obviously, the officers were expecting this buck to simply turn and run once the last strand of hammock was cut free, but that simply was not the case. When choosing between fight or flight, this buck decided to choose the former! It's safe to say the officers did not anticipate the attack happening either as both seem to be caught totally off guard when the buck decided it wanted to charge.

We're wondering if the officer who jumped on the deer has a background in amateur wrestling. He did an excellent job of subduing the animal the first time it attacked. Which is no easy feat because these animals are much stronger than they look.

This could have easily ended in some severe injuries to both human and animal. Fortunately, the officers were able to ward off both attacks and both humans and animal came away from this incident unscathed. This bonus is that this wild story comes with the footage to back it up.

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