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Mountain Lion Versus Deer Leads to the Blacktail's Inevitable Fate

mountain lion versus deer

When mountain lions go head to head with deer, the lion wins every time. 

In survival of the fittest, mountain lion versus deer nearly always ends bad for the deer. In rare footage shared by Dr. Grant Woods from his friend in California, a trail camera catches this deer's last drink.

Be amazed at the speed and agility of its predator.

According to the person who shared the video, the feline stayed around for three days feasting on its prized prey, however, it was short lived. On day four two bears showed up and dragged the remaining carcass away.

This is the danger of water holes and mineral sites, more commonly used in the south. These concentrate animals allowing predators such as mountain lions, coyotes, wolves and even bears to wait in ambush for an easy meal.

However, it makes a great place to capture some fantastic trail camera footage, as plainly seen above.

The question remains, "Are mountain lions hurting the population of game species in California due to legislation protecting these lions?"

I don't know. That is a question you will have to answer for yourself. In the meantime let's kick back and watch nature take its brutal and unfair course.

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Mountain Lion Versus Deer Leads to the Blacktail's Inevitable Fate