mountain lion
Credit: KCAL News/Youtube

Mountain Lion Eats Family’s Turkey and Sleeps in Their Shed

The homeowner thinks authorities had trouble removing the mountain lion because its belly was full of turkey.

A California family had quite a scare this week after they discovered a mountain lion in their shed. According to reports, Judy Vasquez checked on her mom's backyard shed in Hisperia after hearing some rustling and found a mountain lion sitting inside of it.

As she looked further, she noticed the cougar was surrounded by feathers and deduced that it had eaten one of their turkeys — they keep turkeys and chickens in the backyard. Then, Vasquez called the authorities to report the wild animal. On the scene, wildlife officials tried to get it out of the shed, but it refused to move.

Although officials tried to scare it away in the morning, they ultimately had to tranquilize it and remove it by hand. Then, they moved the mountain lion, which weighed 110 pounds, to a remote location.

Vasquez said she was happy officials were able to remove it, but expressed concern that it might return. "Not just because a lot of people have chickens or, you know, animals, but kids and little animals," she said.

Experts say there are approximately 4,500 mountain lions roaming California. Although they can be incredibly dangerous, only one person has been killed by a mountain lion in the state in the past 20 years.