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Mountain Lion Caught on Dash Cam Chasing Deer in California

mountain lion

A life-and-death struggle plays out on dash cam video.

Law enforcement officials catch a lot of crazy things on their dash camera video and this new video out of the Chumash Reservation in Solvang, California is no exception.

Watch as this mountain lion chases a deer right in front of a patrol car more than once!

That's just crazy to capture something like that on camera accidentally. The deputy on patrol is identified only as "Deputy Green" by the Chumash Reservation Community Resource Deputy and Mitigation Deputy's Facebook page.

In case you're wondering, they also commented that the deer did eventually escape the mountain lion.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Law enforcement officials seem to never have a dull day (or night) on the job. It's interesting how the big cat's attention is fully focused on its prey. It didn't seem to notice the patrol car at all.

It just goes to show how strong the instinct to take down that prey item is for these big cats. Thanks to the Chumash Reservation for sharing this cool footage with the world!


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Mountain Lion Caught on Dash Cam Chasing Deer in California