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How Many of These Motorcycle Slang Terms Do You Know?

Have you ever been riding a motorcycle and lowsided? Ever been called a squid while on your bike? Are you well-versed in the motorcyclist's philosophy of ATGATT? I'm not gonna lie, I hadn't heard of too many motorcycle slang terms outside of "wheelie" and "hog" before watching this video, but in just a little over 10 minutes, YouTuber Yammie Noob lays out everything from low sides, high sides, and naked bikes to tank slappers and chicken strips.

Whether you're a casual motorcycle rider or just looking to educate yourself on motorcycle riding trivia for fun, check out the below breakdown of a couple few motorcycle terms.


How Many of These Motorcycle Slang Terms Do You Know?

While the above video does a good job of breaking down a couple key biker slang terms, it, of course, can't cover all the lingo. Here, we'll go over a few more terms that it definitely wouldn't hurt to know.

Ape Hangers

A set of high handlebars where your hands are positioned above your shoulders.


A substance inside a bike's muffler that helps to deaden the sound.


A motorcycle that has had a number of parts removed to give the bike a stripped-down look.

Brain Bucket

It's not ideal from a safety gear standpoint, but this is a type of motorcycle helmet that only covers the top part of the head and doesn't offer that much protection.

Café Racer

Getting its name from the 1960s, where motorcycle riders in the U.K. would race from pub to pub, a café racer is lightweight motorcycle that's made for speed.


A driver in a car.


The concept of steering in the opposite direction of where you really want to go.

Crotch Rocket

Usually, a type of sports bike where the rider sits in a more hunched-over riding position.


Plastic body panels that offer protection to the biker and also provide improved aerodynamics.


The GSXR series of sport bikes manufactured by Suzuki.


A motorcycle without a rear shock, which results in a stiff ride.

Iron Butt

An organization of more than 75,000 members that is dedicated to long distance motorcycle riding and claims to have the "World's Toughest Riders."

Organ Donor

A biker who doesn't wear a helmet, aka a knucklehead.


Saddlebags that hangs to the side of the motorcycle's rear wheel and is meant to giver the rider additional hauling capacity.

Road Rash

What happens after a crash when an abrasion is present from where the skin makes contact with the road. Usually avoidable with the right kind of riding gear.

Rice Burner/Rice Rocket

A term for Japanese bikes, such as Kawasaki, Honda, and Hayabusa.


The act of hitting the front break hard when coming to a stop so the rear wheel will come off the ground. It's the opposite of a wheelie.


This refers to a road consisting of a lot of curves.

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