Can You Spot The Hidden Leopard Before It Kills That Unsuspecting Impala?

Most People Won't Spot The Hidden Leopard Before It Kills That Unsuspecting Impala, But Can You?

Since they're ambush predators, leopards are masters of stealth. Are you good enough to spot this hidden leopard before it's too late?

Waterholes are great places to find large numbers of wild animals in Africa, which is why they are such popular places for tourists to visit in Kruger Park. For that same reason, predators, like this hidden leopard waiting for an unwary impala to get close enough to strike, are also known to make the occasional appearance.

Watch the video and see if you can spot that hidden leopard before it makes its move.

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Be honest, did you see it while it was still hidden? I didn't.

Between that cat's amazing ability to hide and its incredible takedown of that running impala, I'd say it's pretty clear why the leopard is such a fearsome predator.

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