mossberg shockwave

The Mossberg Shockwave Is a Tiny Powerhouse

Need a small-sized shotgun?

Well, Hickok45 tries out just the weapon you need. Witness what the Mossberg Shockwave is all about.

So, have you always wanted a short-barreled shotgun, don't want to go through all the extra paperwork? Well, your prayers have been answered with the Mossberg Shockwave.

It's always interesting when a gunmaker finds ways around some of the current gun laws. This is certainly the case with the Mossberg Shockwave. With a 14-inch barrel, this firearm is as easily bought as a full-length shotgun. Now that is quite a short, handy package.

Special thanks to the great Hickok45 for giving us a thorough look at this ideal self-defense weapon.

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