New Mossberg Reserve Series Break Action Shotguns Introduced

These new over/under double guns known as the Mossberg Reserve Series are durable and packed with high-end features.

Mossberg successfully broke into the concealed carry handgun market a couple years ago with its growing line of MC1 and MC2 pistols. Now, the company has jumped headlong into an area of shotguns—still the gunmaker's bread and butter—that it hasn't previously explored much.

A new line of break-action, feature-rich, over/under shotguns are now part of the Mossberg catalog, including the new Silver Reserve Series, which is a little fancy but still fairly utilitarian, and the high-end double guns in the Gold Reserve Series.

Here's a look at these two new break-action shotgun families from Mossberg and a look at their features:

Mossberg Silver Reserve Over/Under Shotguns

The Silver Reserve series are simple, solid over-and-under double guns that are equally great for the field or for the skeet range. They're built to be durable and reliable—something Mossberg knows a lot about—and have just enough performance enhancing options to make this a great value shotgun.

All models feature shell extractors, select walnut (or synthetic) stocks with checkering on the grip and forend, a satin silver or matte blue receiver, matte blue barrels, a tang-mounted safety/barrel selector, and a 5-choke set of choke tubes.

The Silver Reserve models are available in 12-, 20-, 28-gauge models and .410 bore. The line also includes a 20-gauge youth model with a shorter length of pull (LOP) of 13.25 inches. Barrel lengths include 28- and 26-inch options.

A budget model O/U shotgun with a black synthetic stock is also part of the Silver Reserve lineup. MSRP: $636 to $692.

Mossberg Gold Reserve Over/Under Shotguns

These handsome, feature-rich double guns strike a great balance of flourishes and features with utility. Like the Silver Reserve models, these guns are built for the field as well as the range.

Gold Reserve models are available in 12 and 20 gauge as well as a .410 model, with 28- or 30-inch barrels that are polished and blued. All models have competition-ready shell ejectors, 3-inch chambers, and polished receivers as well as decorative accents like jeweling on the action and scroll engraving on the safety/barrel selector and on the action release and a 24KT gold inlay on the bottom of the receiver.

All shotguns are outfitted with Grade-A black walnut stocks and the Gold Reserve Super Sport model has an adjustable stock. The length of pull can be extended by two inches and the cast and comb height are also adjustable so the gun can be custom-fit to the user for faster, more accurate shots and greater shooting comfort.

Every GR model also comes with a field set of five extended and checkered choke tubes. The SS models have red fiber optic front sights and elevated vent rib barrels; the rib is 12mm tall and 10mm wide. The Gold Reserve Black Label 12-gauge model has a polished black receiver with the aforementioned scroll work and inlay, while all other models feature polished silver receivers. MSRP: $983 to $1,221.

These two new families of Reserve Series shotguns from Mossberg should definitely be considered for your latest gun wish list.