More is More: The Humminbird SOLIX Series Does It All for Hardcore Anglers


Never before has so much on-water tech been packed into one single head unit. The Humminbird SOLIX really can do it all.

There are two types of fishermen. There's the kind that do it for fun, on the weekends, and without much pressure other than the basic requirement of having a good time.

Then there's the type that takes things further, collects tackle like a hoarder, owns more rods and reels than any one person needs, and does everything they can to give them an edge against their underwater targets.

If the second type has a boat, chances are it's high-tech and fast. They want to be knowledgeable and prepared for any and every condition, location, and situation. They use side imaging, waterbody charts, digital sonar, and more to give them the best possible vision for the best possible outcome.

Fish finding features like Humminbird's MEGA Imaging, AutoChart Live, and Cross Touch display have become staples in a hardcore angler's arsenal, but they've always been a little cumbersome; when you think about it, that's a lot of technology to keep track of.


Luckily for the angler looking for it all, there's now a way to make each and every one of Humminbird's next-level tech advancements available in a single head unit. The Humminbird SOLIX Series is going farther than anything before it in helping fishermen and women eliminate unproductive water, identify structure, and precisely target fish.

The SOLIX has a 15.4-inch, high-resolution touch screen (12.1" and 10.1" models also available), and it's being touted as Humminbird's biggest and best fish finder ever, complete with all its pioneering technological breakthroughs.

While they were at it, Humminbird continued connecting SOLIX to as many capabilities as they could. The GPS mapping system that comes standard in the SOLIX, known as Humminbird Basemap, provides depth contours, navigation aids, points-of-interest, and spot-soundings for the entire U.S. coastline and more than 10,000 lakes. For added detail and more features, SOLIX is compatible with hi-def Humminbird Lakemaster and Navionics charts, which you can get via SD cards.


You can also connect your SOLIX Series to your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you true hands-free fishing. Notifications will display on the screen, and you'll keep your phone in your pocket. A Bluetooth remote can also be connected to help you control the most-used features.

It doesn't stop there: A SOLIX can be connected to a Minn Kota trolling motor or shallow water anchor, plus the i-Pilot Link GPS trolling system, delivering automatic boat control from one unit.

If you're an angler and you've waited for a technological system to fill a need, odds are it's addressed by the SOLIX Series.

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