Moose Attacks Hiker in Utah

A Utah woman was hiking with her dog when a moose attacked her and left her severely injured.

Moments before the attack, Michele Koch and her husband were on a hiking trail in Jeremy Ranch, Utah. They saw a moose and its calf on the same trail where the woman was trampled a few hours later.

Thankfully for Koch it was harmless encounter. A few hours later, a woman with her dog were hiking that same trail when a moose trampled her.

Utah Department of Wildlife Resources spokesman Mark Hadley said a couple found the woman lying on the trail.

Before the couple could dial 911, they too saw the moose and remained calm. As the moose wandered off, they immediately helped the woman.

"Her dog was with her," Hadley said. "The dog wasn't injured but it was obvious that she had been injured. Her injuries were extensive enough that she wasn't able to give her name to the EMTs who assisted her."

Hadley also stated that encounters with an aggressive moose are very common, and sometimes a walking with a dog will spook them.

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