Monster Bass Hand Fishing
Facebook Screenshot: Whiskey Riff

Man Grabs Two Monster Bass By Hand Off a Dock

Bass anglers spend an endless number of years and dollars gathering the newest and most advanced technology in fishing tackle, all in hopes of landing that personal-best fish. However, as we all know, netting "the big one" rarely happens, and many of those same anglers are left scratching their heads in bewilderment, unable to blame their gear for their lack of success. On the other hand, there are fishermen who seemingly have all the luck swimming in their favor, regardless of what tackle they take with them on the water.

It certainly helps, though, when you have your own private waters riddled with monster bass, which is exactly what we see in the following clip. And, as you're about to see, this guy didn't even need a rod. That's right, he pulls a once-in-a-lifetime largemouth out of the water with only his hand, and manages to catch the whole sequence on camera with his phone.

He says the two bass weigh 14 and 18 pounds. We are not sure if that is true or just a fisherman's tale. In any case, it is still an impressive feat!

Had we not seen this play out on video, we probably would have had a hard time believing it was possible. We wish we had more information on where this was taken and who this was. Obviously, this is not a feat that can play out anywhere. These bass are in a small body of water and are extremely well-fed and used to interacting with humans. We have seen similar scenarios before in other Internet videos. Bass can become quite tame if you feed them on a regular basis.

We are guessing he does not try catching them very often. Because the fish would likely become wary of being caught like this. Even though these fish are tame, that still takes a bit of skill to jam your hand in a fish's mouth and pull it out of the water!

Were those bass really 14 and 18 pounds? It is hard to say without a better look. Bass sizes can be quite deceptive depending on the fish's girth. An 18-pound bass is a world class fish, and a contender for a state record in many areas. Too bad this catch would never count as it was not hook and line. One could also argue it is not fair to enter a fish in a place like this in the record books since it is a bit like a deer behind a high fence.

Although we do feel confident in saying the second fish was at least ten pounds at a minimum. Either way, those were two big fish that almost any angler would love to catch, hook and line or by hand!

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