Mongoose vs Black Mamba
YouTube: Greg Coates

Mongoose and Black Mamba Square Off in Fight for Survival

Even the black mamba doesn't stand a chance against a mongoose.

All around the world, people fear the deadly venom of many species of snake. Africa seems to be home to more species of deadly snake than anywhere else. Of all the species living there, none seem to frighten more than the black mamba.

This snake grows to huge sizes upwards of nine feet and are highly aggressive. This viper's venom is enough to kill a full-grown man in under an hour if proper antivenin is not administered. It is largely considered one of the deadliest snakes on the planet. South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Sudan and more are just some of the many countries it calls home.

However, in the wild animal kingdom, no one creature is immune to becoming part of the food chain. One notorious enemy of snakes is the mongoose. In today's video, we get to witness a real-life face off between a slender mongoose and a black mamba. Despite some of the deadliest snake venom in the world, things don't end well in this showdown for the young serpent!


In the battle of mongoose vs black mamba, the mongoose is the clear winner! The mongoose may a small mammal, but it is a heck of a fighter, as They usually only weigh a few pounds at most, but they are voracious carnivores and they love to eat venomous snakes of all kinds including king cobras, king snakes and more. There are several different species of mongoose including the dwarf mongoose and grey mongoose. All are proficient and talented snake killers.

As you saw here, these amazing animals are surprisingly fast, and it makes it hard for any venomous snake to defend itself. This wasn't the first time one of these animals has killed one of the world's most dangerous snakes and it certainly won't be the last either. In nature, the mongoose is simply better adapted to survive this type of encounter and the snake ends up another link in the food chain.

This video serves as a good reminder that every day is a struggle for survival in the animal kingdom and it is survival of the fittest. The mongoose was clearly the fitter of the two animals today!

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