Missing Girl Has Sadly Died Following Crocodile Attack
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Missing Girl Has Sadly Died Following Crocodile Attack

I have a sad update on that previous missing persons report. Sadly a 12-year-old girl has died after a crocodile attacked her. The girl took a swim in Australia when the attack occurred.

Police confirmed they found the girl's remains following the attack. "Local officers are on scene and our thoughts are with the family and the community," Senior Sergeant Erica Gibson said in a statement per NBC News. "Officers are currently searching a large section of the creek via boat, and we thank the community for their ongoing assistance." Sadly, police believe that the crocodile killed the girl

Her injuries were consistent with that of a crocodile attack. Sgt. Gibson said, "The recovery has been made. It was particularly gruesome and a sad, devastating outcome."

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"However, for the family, it is the most devastating outcome possible for them. They are in a state of extreme shock and disbelief," Gibson added. Now, Australia's officials want to improve safety. They want additional regulations and control over the numerous crocodiles in the country's Northern Territory. There are an estimated 100,000 crocodiles in the region. The population has boomed rapidly in the past 40 years. So far the creatures have killed 15 people between 2005 and 2014. Two additional people died in 2018.

Crocodile Kills Girl

"We can't have the crocodile population outnumber the human population in the Northern Territory," Chief Minister Eva Lawler told reporters Thursday, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "We do need to keep our crocodile numbers under control."

Police located the girl's body not too far from where she went missing. She had gone swimming in a Nganmarriyanga creek when the attack happened. Sadly, just weeks prior, the area approved a decade-long plan to manage the animals. The region's opposition leader, Lia Finocchiaro, argued that there should be a higher budget. He said the girl's death "sends a message that the Territory is unsafe and on top of law and order and crime issues, what we don't need is more bad headlines."

The news comes after police confirmed the girl went missing in early July.  "Northern Territory Police are currently searching for a missing child near the remote community of Palumpa," Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services wrote on Facebook on Wednesday, July 3. "Around 5:30 p.m. last night, police received reports of a missing 12-year-old child who was last seen swimming at Mango Creek," it added.

They said that the crocodile attacked the girl after she went swimming. The police wrote, "Initial reports stated the child had been attacked by a crocodile. Community members and Peppimenarti Police attended the scene and began searching for the child, who has yet to be located."