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Minnesota DNR Has An Awesome Way to Track Changing Colors of Fall

Fall Colors Index

There’s no better way to get the most out of this fall season in Minnesota.

The weather and the leaves are changing colors as Autumn hits across the country. It’s a beautiful process many outdoorsmen and women look forward to each year. But how do you know when and where the changes will occur? In Minnesota, there’s an app for that.

Minnesota Fall Colors Index
Minnesota DNR

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources keeps a log of color changes throughout the state. Both officials and everyday citizens are about to provide information. Park goers are encouraged to submit video or photo evidence of the color changes, and all data points are tracked providing real-time updates for websites and park visitors.

Information that can be found on the site includes the date of the most recent update, the amount of color change taking place and a brief description. Pictures are also available for each of state park.

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Minnesota DNR Has An Awesome Way to Track Changing Colors of Fall