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Midway USA Founder Larry Potterfield Falls From Treestand, Breaking Leg

Potterfield Injured
Facebook/Midway USA

The Midway USA Founder broke his femur and cheekbone in the fall.

It's a name that has been recognizable around the shooting industry for years. In fact, Midway USA has been around for 40 years and its founder, Larry Potterfield, is still the face of the iconic online store.

An avid outdoorsman, Potterfield still regularly partakes in the sports of hunting and shooting. Recently, though, one of his hunting trips took an unexpected turn as he feel from a treestand, breaking multiple bones.

The announcement came from Midway USA's Facebook page.

In a personal note, Potterfield explains that he slipped on a frost covered platform and fell approximately 10 feet. The fall caused him to fracture his femur and cheekbone. The announcement continues to explain that it was the 2nd day of youth season and Potterfield was hunting with his 13-year-old grandson, Benjamin.

Benjamin called on his Boy Scout training to tend to his injured grandfather, keeping him warm and comfortable until his dad and uncle could arrive to help his grandfather.

Midway USA
Midway USA

An ambulance was eventually called and the Midway USA founder underwent two surgeries to correct the fractures.

Potterfield took advantage of the opportunity to thank the hospital staff as well as remind everyone to be safe. He also ended the note by stating that the injuries won't keep him from hunting. He ends saying, "I've already got plans for a ground blind for deer season in 10 days."

It's hard to keep a hunter from the woods. Here's to quick healing, Mr. Potterfield!

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Midway USA Founder Larry Potterfield Falls From Treestand, Breaking Leg