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Michigan Hunter Puts Blame on Wife for Illegal Deer Kill With Totally Weak Excuse

This is a pretty weak excuse for an illegal deer kill.

Lake County, near Baldwin, Michigan, has antler restrictions in place for deer hunters. A recent story from the Cadillac News proved that not everyone in the woods seems to care.

According to a report, a hunter questioned about an illegal kill said this to Conservation Officer Josiah Killingbeck: "The honest-to-God truth is that my wife wants deer meat and if I come home without any she'll get really mad at me."

Now, most married men should get a smile out of that, mainly because there's a small amount of truth behind the lengths we go to keep our wives happy. But when it crosses the line of the law, it comes across as pretty weak.

Killingbeck was apparently tipped off to someone over-baiting in a location where the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has established antler restrictions. Close to opening day, Killingbeck was then made aware of a potential illegal harvest of a spike buck, and went to investigate.

At first the hunter denied shooting anything, but Killingbeck said he was suspicious due to blood and drag marks near the alleged bait pile. He'd also noticed unused deer tags in the man's wallet.

After Killingbeck told him a witness had seen him, "the suspect hung his head and admitted to shooting a spike horn knowing it was illegal and not tagging it," the report states.

The hunter told Killingbeck that he rarely even sees a buck, then offered up the spousal explanation as to why he couldn't return home empty handed.

We've heard a lot of them, but this excuse might be the most insubstantial we've heard in a while.



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Michigan Hunter Puts Blame on Wife for Illegal Deer Kill With Totally Weak Excuse