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The Best Men's Waterproof Hiking Boots for Rainy Treks

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When you're hiking on the trail, keeping your feet comfortable is your biggest priority. As such, investing in a pair of solid boots will pay back in dividends. Dry feet are happy feet, and anyone who's been caught hiking in the rain wearing the wrong footwear will attest to this. Almost all new hiking boots feature some sort of water-resistant materials, but that's where the semantics come into play - water-resistant is not waterproof. This will seem obvious, but your need for waterproof boots is going to be largely determined by where you hike and the season you hike in (damp climates and rainy months both fit that bill)  That said, there are no real cons to investing in a pair of men's waterproof hiking boots for everyday treks - plus, if you're in the mountains, you never know when an errant rain shower could be headed your way. The boots we've picked out aren't exactly meant to keep your toes dry if you decide to ford a river, but they will tackle wet and muddy trails, riverbanks, and that puddle you weren't paying attention to. Here are six of the best men's waterproof hiking boots available right now. 

1. The Best Men's Waterproof Boots for Long Hikes

La Sportiva

La Sportiva Nucleo High II GTX (Sizes 40-45) - REI, $229

The Nucleo High II GTX from La Sportiva is one of the more serious trekkers on this list. You'll get the comfort of a Vibram sole with a durable Nubuck leather upper to keep out detritus and water. But what really makes this boot stand out is its Gore-Tex waterproofing - which is considered the best waterproofing option there is. And because Gore-Tex can feel almost impermeable, La Sportiva also uses a fabric throughout the boot to offer all around breathability, so you'll be both secure and comfortable. The Nucleo High II GTX boots are available in wide fit as well as normal fit, too. They're also lightweight, another factor that makes them great for longer hikes. 

2. The Best Option for Wide Feet


KEEN Targhee III (Sizes 7-17) - Amazon, $109.00+

KEEN's Targhee III is an all-terrain boot constructed with waterproof leather and without the use of PFCs. The boots feature a breathable mesh lining that will make sure your feet stay dry, even when the outer fabric gets wet. And that outer fabric is constructed with KEEN.DRY technology, which is essentially a waterproof membrane that lets vapor from the interior of the boot escape while keeping water out. The boots are true to size, but KEEN's is known for its wider shoes, which makes the pair stand out amongst so many narrow options on the market. It also has odor-resistant fabric, too. 

3. The Best Waterproof Boots With A Shock-Absorbing Sole


Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots (Sizes 7-15) - Amazon, $75+

For an 'out of the box and onto the trail pair of boots option' (read: fairly broken in already), check out a pair of Merrell's Moab 2. These waterproof boots are built up on a slip-resistant Vibram sole and will keep your feet dry thanks to pig suede leather and a breathable mesh lining. Merrell also added Air Cushion in the heel, which gives you added stability and helps absorb shock. The boots weigh just over two pounds, which is a tad bit hefty, but with all the added comfort Merrell threw in, it's unlikely you'll notice.

4. The Best Option for Wet & Muddy Conditions


Salomon X Ultra 4 (Sizes 8-12.5) - REI, $165

Another boot featuring the unparalleled waterproofing of Gore-Tex, Solomon's X Ultra 4 resembles more of a high-top shoe than a hiking boot. But that design is intentional, as Solomon wanted to create a more technical waterproof boot that's able to traverse difficult terrain swifty and safely. You'll get a durable grip that'll keep you steady on dry, loose, or wet land as well as a secure fit thanks to the outer mobile wings that either loosen or tighten depending on your needs. These boots also feature a gusseted tongue to keep mud and dirt out, and a protective mudguard around the base.

5. The Best Option for Uneven Terrain



HOKA Sky Kaha (Sizes 8-14) - REI, $220

For those who like a more snug fit in the toe and base, the Sky Kaha boots from HOKA won't disappoint. As far as waterproofing is concerned, you'll be comfortably wrapped in Gore-Tex waterproof booties and protected by full-grain leather uppers. For traction, the Vibram soles will easily handle uneven, wet & rocky terrain and the adjustable lacing system helps you get the perfect fit.  

6. An Incredibly Durable Option Under $75


Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Suede (Sizes 7-17) - Amazon, $54.00+

These lightweight boots from heritage brand Columbia took a different approach to waterproofing: suede. And that suede is enforced with a seam-sealed construction that'll get you through the muddiest of trails without even a drop getting in. Inside, your feet will be enclosed by a lightweight, breathable mesh lining, and the rubber outsole will keep your feet supported as you tackle rocks, roots, rain, and whatever else the trail throws at you. These are a fantastic budget option. 

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