MC-10 Uses Aerospace-Industry Lubricants to Deliver Extreme Firearm Protection

Every gun could use some aerospace technology, like the stuff that went into creating MC-10.

MC-10 Lubricant from Otis is taking advanced protection for your guns to a new stratosphere.

For the longest time, gun maintenance has been viewed as important, but has seen few true advancements in terms of formulation and capability.

That's the beauty of MC-10. It takes some gigantic steps forward, leaving you with a better, easier way to protect your guns under any circumstance. We're talking temperatures of -65 to 650 degrees, with no burning off or carbonizing when things get hot, and no gumming up when things get cold. This is elite stuff.

"MC" stands for "Mission Critical," directly implying that it's not going to accept failure as an option. That's good for you, because it means you're ensured ultimate performance.

The MC-10 System is built to work wonders on your firearms without a lot of time or elbow grease. Here's how simple it is:

After a good cleaning with a traditional gun cleaner, you can bring the MC-10 System and its included microfiber cloth into the equation. Spray MC-10 Lubricant onto the gun's slides, slide rails, bolt, bolt carrier, actions, and other metal-on-metal contact points.

Then, use the MC-10 Cleaner, which was formulated to clear away the debris that builds up on your lubricated firearm. It's the only cleaner you should use with MC-10 Lubricant. After using it to remove debris from deep in your gun's metals, just reapply MC-10 Lubricant and you're good to go.

The one thing that most shooters will notice first (and take some time getting used to) is the look and feel of MC-10. Since it's based on aerospace-industry formulations, the active lubricant is much thicker than traditional lubes. That's diluted with a thinning agent, which results in an almost water-like, thin, sprayable liquid. It's like nothing you've used before, and if the Otis legacy is anything to judge by, that's a good thing.

Bottom line, Otis Technology is SMART GUN CARE. The MC-10 System continues their pioneering trend, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a more highly-advanced and effective way to take care of your guns.