Maven Enters Rifle Scope Market with Premium RS.1

Maven, who many have come to know for their premium, customizable binoculars, is taking a long-anticipated step into the rifle scope category.

If you're wondering why you've never seen Maven in your local sporting goods shop, it's because they feature a direct-to-consumer business model. According to their website, this allows them to deliver world-class equipment straight to the user for a fraction of their competitors' price.

"Originating from customer demand, we took input from ambassadors and industry experts to guide our design and iteration process," said Brendon Weaver, Co-Owner and Designer at Maven. "The result, which we're incredibly excited about, is a top-tier rifle scope at an approachable direct-to-consumer price."

The new RS.1 incorporates premium Extra Low Dispersion glass. Without getting too scientific, their ED glass is designed to minimize color distortion around the edges of animals, so hunters can focus on a crisp target.

To provide further clarity, while sliding between the 2.5X and 15X zoom, the RS.1 features a first focal plane reticle. This type of reticle increases and decreases the reticle magnification in conjunction with the scope's magnification. In other words, the reticle is crisp and clear at short-range. At a longer range, it never gets too thick to precisely target your animal.

Maven is offering this rifle scope with two reticle options to better appeal to all hunters. The Simplified Holdover Reticle (SHF) provides a bare bones option for hunters that want less in the way of them and their target. Their proprietary MOA-1 Reticle provides finer detail when zooming at higher power to accurately make targeting adjustments.

The RS.1 is currently available for pre-order on their website for $1,000. Hunters can expect their scopes to ship sometime in May. Once the product is available, retail price will move up to the standard $1,200.

This is certainly something most faithful Maven and quality scope seekers will be taking a hard look at.

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