Maven B.1 Binoculars
Craig Raleigh

Gear Review: Maven B.1 Binoculars

The Maven B.1 binos are the clear alternative to your wildlife viewing needs.

Let face it, as hunters, fishermen, and all-around outdoorsmen, we not only want to see wild animals clearly, we need to see them clearly.

It's a fact of the hunter's life that he or she has the need to take apart the woods and fields. We do this in order to bring into focus the things that our eyes just can't make out, or to bring closer birds and other wildlife that exist far away.

And of course, when distinguishing antler points, turkey beards, waterfowl species, and other game animal characteristics is vital, nothing compares to using a good optic to zoom in and verify.

Maven's flagship B.1 Binocular is a recommended go-to optic for any all-purpose hunting, birding, and general-purpose wildlife viewing bino and it has proven experience in the field. It comes complete with everything that you need for outdoor viewing including a neoprene neck strap, perfectly fitting lens caps, and a double-layered microfiber storage bag to hold it all.

Let's take a closer look at the high quality B.1s to see how well they perform. Optics from Maven are made with the outdoor sporting life in mind, and they have a great reputation.

Maven B.1 Binoculars

We received the B.1s with the 10x magnification option for really getting up close and personal to our favorite game animals. The spec sheet for the B.1s reads like a laundry list for every optic ever made with the sportsman in mind, but we'll list a few of the important features.

  • Grey Orange or Black Grey Shell
  • 8x or 10x Magnification
  • Objective Lens Diameter 42mm
  • Field of View (Ft/1,000 yards) 341
  • Schmidt-Pechan Roof Prism
  • Magnesium Frame
  • Scratch and Oil Resistant
  • Waterproof and Fog Proof
  • Lifetime Warranty

The B.1 is made to handle most extreme situations, featuring superior low-light performance, super-sharp edge-to-edge clarity, excellent depth of field, and a seriously silky focus dial to keep the object of your viewing in perfect sight.

For discerning sportsmen that want to own a pair of these fine optics, Maven will not only provide custom engraving, but offers their customers the SplitIt payment option to use a credit card to split your payment into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

Using the Maven B.1 Binocular

I'll start with the facts: These are the clearest binos I have ever used. This is not to say that all the others don't have excellent clarity through the lens, just that once you've placed the B.1s up to your eyes and realize how fast they focus on your intended target, you'll know immediately that you've chosen an amazing pair of optics.

They fit amazingly well inside of my turkey hunting pack, and are easy as pie to remove once I was seated. They're so crystal clear in the woods that I could see a cloud of bugs buzzing around a likely spot where I had seen a Tom just the day before. I'd have never seen those without the clarity of the B.1s.

They are built with adjustable eyecups, ED glass, dielectric coating, and an optical quality light transmission that cannot be beat.

I had them both around my neck with the included strap for ease of use, and could remove them to set aside when I wanted in seconds while making very little movement. They are as easy as you can imagine to set into the eyes quickly when I thought I saw movement, and spectacular for discerning what it actually was.

The bottom line is that they are excellent for hunting purposes in the woods, so I can't imagine how well they will work in the fall when duck hunting season rolls around.

Direct Applications

Since I live on the shore of one of the five Great Lakes, I have ample opportunity to view waterfowl, fishing charters, and even shipping boats on the horizon. I'm still trying to get over how well these binos pull in the ocean-going vessels out at the peak of sight when you can barely see them with the naked eye. At approximately 11 miles, I can make out a ship's color and shape rather easily.

At one mile or less, the charter boats become close enough to see clearly too. I can read the name on the back of the watercraft and count how many fishermen are aboard.

Maybe the best thing is the fact that I've been waterfowl watching for many months here, particularly the diving ducks. Mergansers have taken up residence locally for the entire winter and haven't left yet, so I've wanted to keep tabs on them.

Even in the wind and waves these birds will flock and feed right off the shore, but I didn't really know what I was looking at until I viewed them through he B.1s. When you can distinctly see their colors, with those acute green heads and ragged "hair" feathers blowing in the wind, you can't help but feel that you're standing in the water right next to them. When you can see them surface with some baitfish that they just caught, it really hits home.

I handed the B.1s to my housemates for a couple of days, and here's what they said:

"We compared them to our current pair of Nikon 8-24x25s and there was no comparison. I like that the picture size of what you were viewing was so wide angle. The Nikon only shows you a tiny fraction of what the Maven views at one time. We liked that the Maven was so steady holding the view, and the clarity of the the picture in the Maven... no match for that! I could see boats and birds in the water that were not visible to the naked eye. Maven was like putting on a pair of subscription eyeglasses! Maven is heavier than our current binos, but not so much that a person with small hands can't feel comfortable with. The winner is Maven."

Final Thoughts

Maven B.1 Binoculars

Craig Raleigh

The Maven line of binos and other optic gear has earned their reputation industrywide as an award-winning company. Their optics are exclusively sold direct to customers, in an effort to weed out the middle man and keep their prices down while avoiding retail markup. That is to say, the cost is still relatively high, but the value is worth it.

I get it; not everyone has $950 to spend on a great pair of binos, but I'm rather confident these will be the last pair that you will ever need. The B.1s are as solid as they come and made to last.

Whether you are bird watching or bird hunting, these compact binoculars will keep you on target for many years and have you wondering why you never owned a pair before.

The company also offers a line of Maven B.2 binos for a little more, or at the same price point if you opt for a demo model.

We can't go farther without mentioning Maven's other lineup of monoculars, rangefinders, riflescopes, and spotting scopes, plus tripods and stands to accessorize them all with. It's a great time to get a pair of Maven optics into your hands.

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