Mathews Vertix

Mathews Hones in on Versatility With the New Vertix Bow

Here's why the Mathews Vertix was arguably the hottest bow at ATA 2019.

There are a ton of ways in which Mathews Archery has earned a name for itself. But, its persistence to continue improving year after year may be more glaring than any.

After Mathews set the world on fire at last year's Archery Trade Association Trade Show with the Triax, it was hard to imagine the brand coming out quite as strong. And yet it did, once again.

The Vertix, the brand's all-new hunting bow, measures 30 inches axle to axle with a 6-inch brace height, and it offers 80- or 85-percent let-off and draw lengths from 26-30.5 inches. Plus, at only 4.67 pounds, this bow won't slow you down on a backcountry hunt.

But what sets the Vertix apart from the bows of years past?

Switchweight Technology

Mathews Vertix

While the Vertix boasts a lot of cool features, this was probably the most notable. With the Switchweight Technology, archers no longer have to fiddle around with their limbs. Instead, they can easily change a mod to adjust their peak weight. The Vertix can be set to draw at 60, 65, 70, and 75 pound peak draw weights, while always keeping its consistent, smooth draw.

Mathews' high-efficiency crosscentric cam system helps this new bow maintain the reliability the brand has earned, so bowhunters know they're getting something proven.

Engage Grip

When designing the Vertix, Mathews decided to give it a narrower, more ergonomic grip that would allow for more consistent hand placement while also reducing torque. Not only will it fit anyone's hand comfortably, but it'll improve accuracy and it looks sharp, too.

3D Damping

Though the 3D Damping feature isn't new, it's one of the better noise-reducing systems in the bowhunting industry. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

With this feature, the Vertix reduces vibration around the axes after each shot, as well as vibration in the hand. The Vertix is said to create 20% less vibration than the Triax, a serious feat in itself and one that's genuinely felt each time you grip it and rip it.


Mathews Vertix

To top things off, the Vertix has such a wide variety of finishes that it's going to be tough for some to choose. You can pick from Optifade Subalpine, Optifade Elevated II, Ridge Reaper Forest, Ridge Reaper Barren, Realtree Edge, Black, or Stone (not pictured). The finish options alone are enough to intrigue bowhunters from all walks.

This new Mathews bow rings in at an MSRP of $1,099, and it's representing the peak of versatility in the archery game.