mathews avail bow

Mathews Archery Releases Inspiring Video Highlighting Female Bowhunters

This video holds a powerful lesson about conquering something every bowhunter has felt: self-doubt.

Every huntress has heard the words in this video, or some variation of them. In response, these women set an example for anyone faced with such challenges: ignore the haters, hold your head high, and strive even harder.

They don't give in to the naysayers, instead defying limitations and overreaching expectations.

This video was created to celebrate the release of Mathews' new Avail bow, an ultra-light, four-pound piece of equipment every bit as powerful as their other models. But it's more than that, and you'll see why.

It's important to see your role models doing this, especially in the hunting community, because hunting isn't like other sports.

Unlike during a race or team sport, spectators can't motivate and cheer you on as you head toward your goal. Hunting is quiet, personal, and intense in a different way.

The industry often underestimates the number of huntresses out in the woods and misjudges the depth of their passion. But industry leaders need to understand something: female hunters are hunters first and foremost, sharing and celebrating the same values as their male peers.

It's meaningful when a reputable brand like Mathews takes a step like this to stand in solidarity with these remarkable women.