northern pike

Massive Northern Pike Barely Fits Through Ice Fishing Hole

An average day fishing on the ice nets these folks an absolute monster of a northern pike. The girth on this fish is incredible, and the girls wonder if he'll make it through the hole.

This family is ice fishing on Diefenbaker Lake in southern Saskatchewan. It's just an average day of fishing, until the young girls in the family hook a monstrous northern pike.

They're fishing in around 15 feet of water, using 6-inch ciscoes for bait. They're simply hooking the ciscoes with a single treble hook.

The fish doesn't put up too much of a fight, but once they get a glimpse of it, the adrenaline really starts flowing.

"Oh my god!" says one of the girls. "I don't even know if it will come through the hole!"

"It'll come," her dad reassures.

It does come through, and the girls are happy as all get out.

The big fish measured 44 inches and weighed 25-30 pounds.

Diefenbaker Lake is the largest body of water in southern Saskatchewan, at 140 miles long and with a maximum depth of 217 feet.

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