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Massive 633-Pound Black Bear Taken in North Carolina

This hunter bagged a giant 633-pound black bear, a bear so big that he intentionally designed his hunt for easily getting the bruin out of the woods.

Knowing a certain giant 633-pound black bear's routine helped Michael Carawan bag the largest bear of his life, and also made its retrieval a relatively easy job.

Carawan, of Garner, North Carolina, saw the big bruin on his trail cameras but was hesitant about going after it, simply because of the job it would require to carry the beast out of the woods.

"I wanted a bear rug, but I didn't want to mess with hauling a bear out of the woods," Carawan said. "It would have been an all-day chore. I also had to work that night."

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But then, he and hunting partner John Sinclair came up with a plan designed to make retrieval a viable option.

Sinclair had seen the bear cross a road, and he and Carawan figured that unless disturbed the bruin would likely repeat the pattern.

"I'm pretty sure he was going to a soybean field," Carawan said. "He also was destroying everyone's corn piles. I had night trail-camera pictures of him. He headed for the bedding area after feeding."

Carawan and Sinclair planned to ambush the beast as it crossed the two-lane road. Hunting from road shoulders is legal in many North Carolina counties.

So Carawan and Sinclair drove to the spot where the bear had previously crossed and Carawan set up a ground blind on the road's shoulder about fifty yards from where they parked the truck.

The plan worked like a charm. As the big bear came out of the woods, Carawan shot and the beast fell.

"I shot him in the shoulder," he said. "He fell right there but wasn't dead. I walked up 15 feet from him and shot him twice more."

The two men winched the bear onto a trailer and drove to a wild game processing outfit where they weighed and measured the bruin. The monster hit the 633-pound mark and measured 7.5 feet long.

The processing plant produced around 300 pounds of meat from the bear, which Carawan says he'll share with friends. Now he just has to find room in his house to display the massive rug.

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