Martin Archery Shows Off New Bows at ATA 2018

There's no better place than ATA 2018 for new bows, and Martin Archery delivered.

Every January, archery companies make the ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show a priority, using the venue to launch, or at least highlight, the newest and best.

Cutting through the news flowing out of the show in Indianapolis this week, Martin Archery's new flagship hunting bow, the Max series, garnered plenty of attention.

What sets the Max series of bows apart are the Long Draw and Short Draw Helix Cams, which give archers 88% or more efficiency at every draw length in a six-inch range.

The Max-33, 32, and 31 models use Dual Sync Cam Technology with Martin's sophisticated String Stop for  ultimate fine tuning capabilities. That way, the bow can be altered to match your individual shooting style and draw length. Thanks to the RRAD Balanced Bow Technology, you've likely never come across a more customizable bow.

Three camo finishes and a blackout color gives the bow some unique character, and the reaction at the ATA Show was more than enough to earn confidence in the Max series.

You can learn more of the specifics at, and find out where you can find a new Max bow to try it for yourself.

Just don't be surprised if they're tough to come by; the post-ATA buzz for the Max bow is going to be substantial.