This Man's Catch Looks Like It Came Straight Out of a Horror Film

Like a sci-fi movie, this man's fishing catch will blow your mind.

These pictures have a lot of people freaking out.

"What is that?"

"Is that some type of alien creature?"

"Oh my gosh, I am never getting in water again!"

People are screaming things like this everywhere, but, this isn't a new creature or a sci-fi stunt. It's just a sea lamprey.

A lamprey is a jawless fish with a cylindrical body that feeds by sucking. It's basically like a giant leech with a terrifying mouth full of teeth.

Yeah, it looks like a mutant straight from some horror film. It's a pretty disgusting creature to say the least, and it does some damage on this catfish caught in the Clinton River. This fisherman was surely surprised to see what he reeled in.

Check out these pictures below.

It was undoubtedly a sight to see, and one that many of you probably hope you never run into. Every time I see a post or article with a lamprey, it blows my mind that people haven't ever heard of them. But can I blame them for their reactions? Of course not, because those things are terrifying.