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Man Takes Outsmarting Catfish to the Next Level

Watch this brave angler go after a giant catfish just feet away.

There are few things as exciting as seeing that giant fish swimming by, especially when you have a line in the water. But what about when you're in the water right next to the beast? This angler was bound and determined to find out with this giant catfish.

Fishing in some waders, this young man continued to tempt the giant catfish right up until the beast decided it'd had enough.

omg 😮 😮

Posted by Awesome Video Fishing on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Unfortunately the video ends early, but it would be fun to watch what happens next. Between the giant fish and the not-so-giant pole, this anger could've had quite ride.

He might've even landed on a series of fishing fails, like this hilarious video.

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Man Takes Outsmarting Catfish to the Next Level