man shoots himself twice
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The Story of the Guy Who Shot Himself Twice With a Crossbow...and Survived

Thanks to the remarkable work of talented doctors and a small miracle, this man is alive after a grisly suicide attempt. 

Doctors in Russia performed an amazing life-saving operation after a man shot himself twice directly in the heart with a crossbow.

The 53-year-old man from St. Petersburg was rushed to the hospital with two arrows sticking out of his heart after trying to commit suicide.

The man was conscious and told doctors he'd shot himself because he didn't want to live anymore. After the first arrow failed to kill him, the man fired the second arrow into his own chest. 

man shoots himself twice

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The man did indeed manage to shoot himself in the heart twice, with one of the arrows passing through the man's left ventricle, mitral valve and left atrium, while the second one entered from the side of his abdominal aorta.

The doctors at Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Center were able to complete an amazingly high-tech procedure that involved removing the man's heart and performing repairs before placing it back in his body.

If you've ever shot a crossbow before, what you might find even more impressive is that with one arrow in his heart, the man was able to load and fire another bolt from his crossbow.

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