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Man Proposes to Girlfriend Using His Compound Bow

This guy decided to stick to his comfort zone for the biggest question of his life.

Marriage proposals have become pretty extravagant in recent years, prompting soon-to-be grooms to think outside the box to come up with new, unique ways to pop the question.

The bar has become incredibly high, as there is now an expectation surrounding the element of surprise, so those proposing seemingly have an obligation to deliver the ultimate shock factor.

This guy stepped up to the plate, though, as he convinced his girlfriend to stare downrange with binoculars to watch his archery shot on a deer target, clueless of the trick up his sleeve.

Then, right as the arrow connected with the deer, she realized what was going on.

Watch the video below:

Good thing he didn't miss, huh? That probably would've been a little awkward! Or, what if the target didn't fall down like it was supposed to, and she didn't understand why he was firing dozens of arrows as fast as he could?

Fortunately, neither of those scenarios happened, so his proposal went exactly how he planned it.

With a perfect shot, he tipped the deer target revealing the question of all questions, and was lucky enough to also get the answer he was hoping for!

There seems to be a trend in hunters using bows and firearms to propose and reveal baby genders as of late, and the hunting community seems to really dig it.

With social media following somewhat of a top-the-guy-before-you trend, I can only imagine how crazy some of these videos will eventually become.

However, for now, at least we have one proposal that went exactly as it was written up!

What's the craziest marriage proposal you've ever seen? Let us know!