Man Catches Backlash When He Shows How to Use a Resource Available That Can Protect Our Children

With a divided nation in an uproar, it is important we focus on the safety of our children, and this man has a few easy tips that he thinks might help.

Obviously we have an issue in our hands in the United States at the moment with school shootings. And there is no quick and easy fix, and we can argue and point fingers until we are blue in the face.

In this video, we have a U.S. citizen who posted two social media videos that have gained a lot of attention and created a lot of dialogue.

This is just my opinion, but for a man just offering a solution, the negative feedback has been unreal. Watch and think about what your take on the use of this available resources is.

Rather than regurgitate his thoughts and what happened in the video, I wanted to bring the debate of the video to light. Obviously, books in a backpack is not a 100% secure plan. People seem to be insulted by the video, but this man and no one else is claiming this will save everyone's life. It is a simple helpful resource that kids have on them that may help stop a bullet.

We also know it obviously only covers a small fraction of the body as well. No one is arguing that it is a full proof body suit, but people seemed to be appalled that this man even thought this was worth mentioning.

My main takeaway from this video is seeing the turmoil and division of us as Americans. It's like we're almost arguing for the sake of arguing, without taking account what the other side is actually trying to say.

Use the resources available and begin to add new pieces to make our schools safer. Rather than just screaming guns are the issue. Here is a guy is trying to show people that a couple books might be able to save a life in this situation yet people jump to social media and are bashing him for being an idiot.

Think about that for a second.