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Remember This Epic Photo of a Snake Strangling a Coyote?

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A coyote was able to escape after a struggle with a fairly large snake in Florida's Big Cypress National Preserve.

It's no secret that invasive pythons and boa constrictors are becoming a big issue as they are found in increasing numbers in Florida.

Especially as of late, photos of the amazing encounters between these invasive reptiles and the native wildlife have been hitting the internet quite often. The latest is an incredible photo of a coyote that appears to have a python or boa constrictor coiled tightly around its neck.

Local 10 News reports the photo was taken by Will James of South Florida in a rest area in Big Cypress National Preserve. James discovered the odd fight taking place when he investigated some barking and snarling sounds he heard off the trail.

It's unclear if the snake was actually trying to kill and eat the canine, but the coyote was definitely in distress. James told the station the coyote was biting and trying to get the snake to loosen its grip.

Luckily, James was able to snap at least one photo of the strange encounter to prove what he witnessed.

Eventually the coyote was able to somehow get free of the snake's coils. James told the station it walked with a noticeable limp after the snake took one last bite of the coyote's leg as it ran off.

As these large, invasive snakes become more and more common in Florida, it's likely we'll keep getting stories like this of wildlife encounters we couldn't have imagined previously.


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Remember This Epic Photo of a Snake Strangling a Coyote?