Maltipoos: History, Breed Variations and More!

Looking for a companion dog but don't want a traditional dog breed? Check out the Maltipoo.

The Maltipoo dog breed is known for being intelligent dogs who are popular thanks to their small size. They are the perfect companion dog. This doggy can sit in your lap and snuggle or go out on short walks with you. Also, because they are a little dog, they can go just about everywhere with you, too! Here's a look at what this crossbreed really is all about.

Breed History

Maltipoos are a mix of a miniature or toy poodle and a Maltese. The AKC does not currently recognize this designer breed, but Maltipoos have become increasingly popular in the last ten years. Initially, the blend of the two types of dogs started accidentally, but with more people taking to the dog, they continue to be bred in various sizes and colors.

A teacup Maltipoo can be as small as under five pounds, while those bred with miniature poodles or standard poodles can be larger in the 6 to 8 pound range.

Maltipoo Personality Traits & Coloring

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The mixed-breed pups are intelligent dogs that are sweet and playful. The Maltipoo temperament tends to be eager to please. Thanks to their trainability, they can learn to do many different tricks. These friendly dogs are meant to be their owner's new best friends and cuddle buddies. They prefer to be a lapdog over anything else and want to go everywhere with their dog owners. However, they do tend to grow attached and suffer from separation anxiety.

The coloring of a Maltipoo can vary based on their parent breed's traits. If the Poodle parent and the Maltese parent are similar in color, the pups may have a similar color, but it is tough to predict was the poodle mix might look like. The hybrid dogs may be white, grey, or tan.

Health Problems & Lifespan

The Maltipoo dog breed is known to have some health issues. But, of course, each Maltipoo is different, and the issues can vary based on their lineage. Purebred poodles can carry certain traits, as can Maltese, so it is up to the breeder to sort out the best way to get a Maltipoo puppy with fewer issues.

The small breed is known for the following issues:

  • Epilepsy
  • ?White Shaker Syndrome
  • ?Progressive retinal atrophy
  • ?Patellar Luxation (similar to cockapoo's, the patella or kneecap can come loose)
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
  • Portosystemic shunt

To avoid some of these known issues, make sure you adopt your puppy through a reputable breeder and always avoid puppy mills.

The designer dog is expected to live between 12 to 16 years, while the average Maltipoo lives 14 years — As a general rule, small dogs live longer than larger dogs.

Maltipoo Activity Level 

Maltipoo's need daily exercise, being walked at least once a day. Their exercise needs include playing inside and outside the home. However, they can not spend long periods of time outside and, like other small dog breeds, are meant to live inside with their owners.

Training and socialization can begin in puppyhood; start teaching your malta puppy to sit and stay around eight weeks old. Positive reinforcement will go a long way with training these pups! One thing to note is these dogs are not meant to be watchdogs, even though they will bark at people passing by your home.

Grooming Needs

Maltipoos are considered low-shedding dogs and are hypoallergenic since they do not shed as much as other dogs, thanks to their poodle parents. Having a hypoallergenic dog is one of the allures of the Maltipoo breed.

They should be bathed once every three weeks so their fur stays clean but will not dry out. Most of the time, you can bathe them yourself, but you may want to take your Maltipoo to the groomer for things like trimming their nails and fur around their eyes. They also can get tear stains which are easy to remove with water on a cotton ball.

How To Get A Maltipoo of Your Own

If you are ready to get a Maltipoo of your own for the first time, you can either go through a breeder or try to find one through a rescue. Maltipoo puppies can vary in cost from around $500 up to $4,000. Of course, getting them from a breeder will cost you a lot more than getting one from a shelter.

Generally, owning a pup will run about $1,000 a year between food, vet visits, and flea and deworming treatments. If you choose a breeder, you have the opportunity to see the pup's parents and find out more about their health history.

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