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Hazel The Malinois "Raps" With The Beat While Training

This over-excited Belgian Malinois raps perfectly in tune with the beat in this hilarious TikTok video.

Working dogs are high-energy pups, and the Belgian Shepherd is no exception. Dog breeds like the German Shepherd and Malinois dog are often used as protection dogs and police dogs. Dog trainers spend a lot of time with these breeds, teaching positive behaviors, including showing restraint. Proper training is incredibly important, and breeders and owners alike who do not properly train their dogs often give the breeds a bad rap.

Hazel, the Belgian Malinois, is very excited to fetch her toy from her trainer at Astro Kennels. Since she is a working dog, she knows she has to sit and wait patiently. However, she is so eager to get ahold of her toy that she is literally chattering with excitement, which is not uncommon for the breed.

Hazel keeps chattering until she finally gets a hold of her toy. Her excitement pairs perfectly with the song "Look At Me Know" by Chris Brown, featuring Lil' Wayne and Busta Rymes. Viewers were equally impressed when they watched the trending video, since many of them said their own Malinois best friends are known to chatter with excitement.

Belgian Malinois Raps With The Beat


Every Mal becomes a rapper as soon as they see the toy ?? #rap #malinois #belgianmalinois #maligator #dockdiving #dogs #k9 #k9training #dogtraining

? Look At Me Now (feat. Lil' Wayne & Busta Rhymes) - Chris Brown

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One viewer offered commentary from Hazel's point of view, saying, "Throw it! Just throw the damn toy!" While others were impressed with the sheer speed with which she moved her jaw. One commenter said, "Man's faster than Eminem." Another said, "Eminem is shaking and crying right now." One more viewer was quick to crown her saying, "Lip-sync champ, right here."

A few people viewers were concerned that she was being taunted for the sake of the video, making her overly excited. However, Astro Kennels explained, "Her handler was untangling the line attached to her toy. She was trying her best to be patient."

We think she did an excellent job being the most patient pup while being a very convincing lip-sync artist.

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