Mako Jumps in Boat
YouTube:NBC News

7-Foot Mako Sharks Jumps Into Boat and Almost Lands on Anglers

If you thought that scene in "Jaws" where the shark jumped on the boat was far-fetched, then you clearly haven't been fishing for mako sharks before. These toothy predators are well-known for being some of the fastest in the ocean. They also jump more than probably any other shark species out there. Anglers need to be careful when fishing for them, as one group in the waters off Monhegan, Maine recently found out. In footage shared with NBC News, the video starts with the shark jumping far off the back deck of a fishing boat. As the group reacts with awe, the shark quickly closes the gap between it and the boat and jumps again just as someone in the group remarks: 'Did you get that?'

Right at that exact moment, the seven-foot mako breaches again, right next to the back of the boat. It effortlessly clears the back rail and almost lands directly in the lap of the angler who was fighting the fish in the first place! From there, everyone on the deck scrambles as the mako thrashes around, having not expected to land out of the water.

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There's some fantastic comedic timing with it transitions from someone asking if the others caught the first jump on video to everyone scrambling out of the way only seconds later. We can't blame them. Makos have some nasty teeth that can take a real bite out of you if they grab hold.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Sea Ventures Charters said no one was injured by the unexpected flying fish. The mako was tagged and then released after this incident. Which is a good thing, because this catch came several months after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration banned the harvest of shortfin makos by recreational and commercial fishermen to protect their declining numbers.

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