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Make Your Own Cheap and Easy Shed Antler Lamp

Cheap, awesome, and easy. Learn how to make your own shed antler lamp to bring your man cave to life.

If you are a whitetail hunter, chances are you have some form of antlers laying around somewhere. If they are collecting dust and aren't being used as a decorative piece, this is the perfect DIY project for you.

With a few antlers, super glue, drill, drill bits, a lamp kit, and a few other supplies listed in this video, you will have one of those awesome antler lamps that you often see being sold for ridiculous prices in big chain hunting stores.

Add this awesome piece to your man cave or trophy room by following this easy DIY video.

Pretty simple, right? Make one, two, three - however many antlers you have available. It could make an awesome gift for your hunting buddy or family member.

Or you could just put them in every corner of your house. We will leave that to you and your spouse to discuss.

Simple, yet amazing! Man, antlers are cool.

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