Make Great Bison Soup in the Backcountry with Only a Few Ingredients

Need to vary your survival diet a bit? Jerky and water just not cutting it? Well, try this simple, nutritious soup recipe.

If you're in a true survival situation, your diet could be lacking in options. Humans don't do well when forced to eat the same thing over and over again. Changing things up a bit is good for your mental state, and your frame of mind is your most important tool when surviving.

Jon Townsend takes a page (literally) from Nicholas Cresswell's journal of the 1770s, wherein Cresswell writes about a time in the backcountry when his party was running dangerously low on provisions. All the camp really had was some bison jerky and a limited amount of flour.

So Cresswell, and Townsend, rationed the flour by adding a small amount to a buffalo jerky soup.

So this recipe really just includes water, chopped jerky and a bit of flour. Townsend did add a tiny bit of dried mushroom powder, following Cresswell's advice on adding "just a little bit more" of something. This "little bit more" can totally change and improve the profile of whatever meal you might be preparing.

Here's the link to the previous Townsends episode where Jon and Dan Wowak made buffalo jerky. It too is a simple process, but one that creates a nutritious trail food with a long shelf life.

Of course, if you're knowledgeable about foraging, you can also include wild plants in the soup, such as burdock, nettles, ramps, berries or any other wild edible you might have in your immediate vicinity.

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