Make Backyard Plinking a Reality with the Right Air Rifles

Are your range trips too far in between?

Why not set up a backyard range with air power? If you do it right, and do it within the rules and regulations of your area, enough space in a backyard can create the perfect place to work on your aim, accuracy, and shooting skills.

Plus, you can find really cool reproductions of famous, classic rifles in air-powered form, giving you a sense of nostalgia and cool factor without the pricey dedication to the real thing.

These air rifles will make your backyard plinking the best kind of practice ever.

1. Stoeger X20S Suppressor Spring Piston Air Rifle

Backyard target shooting often requires quietness, especially if your area has sound restrictions. Stealth is your friend, and a suppressed air rifle is the perfect place to start.

Pick either the .177 caliber or .22 caliber model for meaningful, quiet plinking. The Stoeger S20X will also take care of your pest and small game targets around the yard. That 4 power scope basically turns you into a backyard sniper.

2. Crosman Bushmaster ACR Bolt Action Dual Ammo Air Rifle

If you prefer a more tactical looking air rifle, this one shoots BBs and .177 caliber pellets up to 900 fps. Just pump up to what power level you want.

3. Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle

The pre-charged, 10-shot Urban PCP air rifle is quite a backyard delight. This .22 caliber bolt action gun has a sound dampener and fires from a rotary magazine with up to 900 fps. in velocity. Now that is an empty soup can killer if I've ever seen one.

4. Daisy Winchester CO2 M-14 Air Rifle

Patterned after the famous M14 U.S. Service rifle, this Daisy air rifle will fire either 16 BBs or .177 caliber pellets. It uses 2-12 gram CO2 tanks for power. With a full power of 700 fps this air rifle is ready to do service at your backyard range.

5. Umarex Legends MP BB Gun

When is a BB gun something much more? When it fires in full auto and is modeled after a famous World War II submachine gun. Firing from a 52-round magazine, this faithful reproduction will zing .177 caliber BBs at 465 fps. Shred soda cans with ease with this fast shooter.