magellan outdoors women's gear

Magellan Outdoors Women's Gear Spotlight: Hunting and Fishing Apparel

When I'm elk hunting in Colorado in September, the weather can range from 80 degrees and sunny to temps in the 20s with icy sleet storms. Being prepared for this possible drastic fluctuation means I stack layers upon layers of clothing under my outer camouflage, removing them as needed as the day warms up or cools down. However, when teal hunting in southern Texas, none of this is necessary. In fact, you're going to be trying to stay cool!

Fly fishing in Colorado in September can also give anglers opportunities to experience extreme weather. In the high country, early-season snow storms can roll in unexpectedly. Mid-afternoon monsoons are common at mid-elevations, too. Between the rain and the snow, the temperature can be anywhere from 45 degrees to 85. If you're spending an entire day out on the water, you'll need multiple layers to be prepared.

Academy Sports + Outdoors recently hosted its annual Cast & Blast event in Texas. This year, I was fortunate enough to tag along. Featured outdoor activities for the weekend included a morning teal hunt and a redfish trip in Matagorda Bay. The weather was forecasted to be 32 degrees with a potential for snow in the afternoon and I was totally prepared. I'm just messing with you— it was supposed to be in the upper 80s or hotter and all my gear from up north was way too warm. Thankfully, Academy had me covered.

Founded in 1938, Academy got started in San Antonio, Texas. With so many behind-the-scenes developers and designers being from the Lone Star State themselves, they know exactly what hunters and anglers need to stay cool when they're spending so much time outdoors. Layers should be loose, breathable, and absolutely affordable, all while looking great and providing sufficient concealment from fish and wildlife. Their Magellan Outdoors women's gear checks all of those boxes. I got to check out a ton of their apparel and came away with some thoughts on their features, effectiveness, and overall comfort.

Duck Hunting in Academy's Magellan Outdoors Women's Gear

magellan outdoors women's gear

Academy Sports + Outdoors

When duck hunting, it's really important to be adequately concealed from head to toe. Ducks have incredible eyesight; they can see close-up, far away, and can even spot ultraviolet light. For this reason, neutral-colored or camo pants, shirts, jackets, hats, and more are recommended for duck hunting. Thankfully, Magellan Outdoors offers all of these options for women, and they actually fit well, too.

Finding camo women's clothing that fits and functions like it needs to is hard to come by. Although I must say things have gotten better in recent years, finding boxy, scratchy, or hot pink camo layers is easier than finding well-fitting layers that work in the field. Academy's women's gear truly impressed me on this front. Everything fit. Plus, there was no hot pink to be found; ducks have an incredibly easy time seeing pink and I would've stood out like a sore thumb.

After taking the John Deere OHV out to the duck blind, I really got to put Academy's gear to the test. It was already a humid 70 degrees outside and the temperature would only climb as the sun rose higher and higher. However, I found myself perfectly comfortable sitting in the blind prior to sunrise. As the morning went on, I did get a little warm. After all, it was nearly 90 degrees out. But I was protected from the sun and not coated in sweat. Not to mention, I knew I was completely hidden from my quarry as flock after flock decoyed in front of me. The moisture-wicking longsleeve and pants, Academy's classic camo trucker hat, and Magellan Outdoors camo mid-boots all exceeded my expectations. 

Fishing for Redfish in Magellan Outdoors Women's Gear

magellan outdoors women's gear

Academy Sports + Outdoors

The weather stayed consistent all weekend long. After teal hunting on Saturday, the Academy gang and I loaded onto fishing boats and chased redfish in Matagorda Bay. Instead of wearing camo, this time I was decked out in Academy's Magellan Pro women's fishing line.

As we motored across the bay at sunrise, the fast breeze went from warm to chilly in a matter of moments. I threw up the hood and pulled the sleeves down on my Magellan Pro Angler Gaiter Hoodie and it made all the difference. Keeping that cool ocean air off my skin kept me more comfortable. Once we pulled up to the fishing spot, I pushed them back up, and was the perfect temperature yet again.

Standing on the front of the boat, I cast live shrimp wide out in front of me, giving the bait a twitch every now and then. Being used to fishing in Colorado, I was not expecting the wide variety of fish species that would find themselves at the end of my line. Sea trout, speckled trout, croakers, and the infamous redfish were just a few of the species caught that morning. Filleting my keeper redfish was the highlight of my day. Fortunately, I snagged a Magellan Pro soft-sided cooler so I could bring my fillets (and teal) on the plane ride home. Blackened redfish with a side of seared teal with orange sauce was a dish I never thought I'd make in my home back in western Colorado.

magellan outdoors women's gear

Academy Sports + Outdoors

My morning on the Matagorda was made memorable by the super-comfy gear I was able to use. Everyone's had that experience where they wore the wrong thing and ended up so uncomfortably dressed, it took away from a broader experience. Thankfully, the Magellan women's line did the exact opposite of that. I rarely get to spend time near the ocean these days; as a result, I forget how darn hot and humid it gets out there. My Magellan Shorty Shorts not only looked great, they felt great, and the Pro Angler shoes kept me from slip-sliding all over the wet boat. Thank goodness I wasn't that person who falls off the boat!

Did I mention the shorts have built-in line clippers? Do you know how many times I've lost, misplaced, or forgotten my snips when I go fishing? These were a lifesaver.

If you've ever hunted or fished, you know that having the right gear makes all the difference. Fortunately, Academy has done extremely well creating well-fitting, comfortable, and useful layers for outdoorswomen. If you enjoy early-season hunting or fishing in the summertime, the Magellan Outdoors line has you covered. They even have warmer layers for when the Texas temperatures start heading south. Academy has a women's athleisure line, too: Freely. When I wasn't hunting for fishing, I was relaxing in Freely gear because it was so comfortable (and cute, too). Personally, I greatly appreciate the one-stop-shop Academy offers for outdoorswomen. It's really priceless to be able to update both your closet and your outdoor gear without breaking the bank.

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