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You Can Spend a Weekend Off the Grid in a Luxury Geodesic Dome

Not everyone loves the idea of tent camping. Thankfully for those folks, there's ben a surge of glamping opportunities pop up. Glampers are able to experience the wonders of the outdoors while feeling a little more comfortable. While some camping enthusiasts may say it's not "real" camping, some glamping locations are fairly secluded, like this off-grid luxury geodesic dome in Tennessee. In a recent YouTube video, Levi Kelly gives viewers a tour of this space that has some unbelievable mountain views. Could you see yourself hanging out in this glamping spot?

This is not the first time the 450-square-foot dome has been the center of attention. The space was featured on the show "Building Off the Grid" on DIY Network. The luxury geodesic dome rents for around $447 a night on Airbnb. The glamping spot sits on 16 acres between Nashville and Tennessee in Altamont. It is perched atop one of the mountains, giving visitors an idyllic view of the valley below. Everywhere you look, there are trees and greenery. Since it is so remote, it is a bit of a trek to get down to the dome. Parking is up top, and visitors follow a gravel path to a set of stairs that lead them down to the space. If you plan to book a stay, that's certainly something to keep in mind while packing.

The dome sits on a wooden deck surrounded by rock outcroppings, trees, and all the sounds of nature. Oh, and the deck has a hot tub. The dome has well-placed windows that allow you to enjoy the unending views. Adirondack chairs, a gas-powered BBQ, and a fire pit complete the outdoor space. The setup is run on solar panels, which Levi points out cost $30,000 of the $80,000 build.

The door opens up into a kitchen, seating area, and bed. A dome light up top adds additional light to the space. The kitchen has a full-size refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee cart. The bed faces the window and as the sun rises, you'll quickly realize there is no need for an alarm clock. Believe it or not, the two bean bag chairs also fold out into beds!

There is hot water in the full-size bathroom, complete with a shower and a regular toilet. Above the bathroom is a bunk-style bed. All told it can house up to five occupants, so it's great for a small family or group of friends. Below the deck is a swing along with another fire pit and seating area. Of course, the surrounding area has plenty to offer, too. There are a bunch of caves within a short walk to explore.

Overall, it looks like a pretty nice way to spend a few nights, even if you aren't exactly roughing it.

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