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8 of Our Favorite Pieces From Lululemon's Hike Collection

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Lululemon is known for athletic apparel that yoga and HIIT enthusiasts wear from head to toe, but now they're helping outdoor enthusiasts gear up for their next hike. Lululemon's new outdoor collection is everything you could want in hiking apparel. From hiking leggings, shorts, bras, and warming outer layers, they've got everything you need for your next adventure. We can't wait to get our hands on lots of these pieces: Lululemon hike apparel offers the same stylish athleisure look we all know and love — but now with the addition of the breezy, durable specs you want in hiking clothing. With quick-drying materials, plenty of pockets, and four-way stretch, you'll be able to trek for hours and still stay comfortable and cool.

The Lululemon Hike collection features 33 pieces for both men and women, and are durable, cooling, colorful pieces made for layering. Hiking apparel can be a hit or miss, so if T-shirts and plain (and boring!) shorts aren't your thing, you'll love these interesting, colorful pieces. Now, go ahead and find the nearest hiking trail or swimming hole near you and order some of your favorites from the collection — you won't regret it. Also, don't sleep on the accessories: the crossbody bag, for instance, is both cute and useful for your necessities! Our picks are below:

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1. These Stylish Convertible Joggers

Convertible High-Rise Hiking Jogger - Lululemon, $198

Lululemon's hiking joggers are the perfect hiking pants for people who start in colder temps and then find themselves hotter as the hike goes along: you can zip off the pants to turn them into shorts. They have a high-rise fit and drawcord so that you can have a snug fit you feel comfortable (and cute) in. The pants are also abrasion-resistant and water-repellent, so climbing won't tear these pants up, and water won't soak through these pants if a surprise thunderstorm rolls through. A few specs we find helpful are the pockets, the D-ring for keys, and locker loop for easy hanging. You can store a few essentials in the pockets, attach a carabiner, or allow them to air dry easily when you wash them. Also, cargo pants are in right now, so when you're not hiking or camping, consider wearing these nylon pants with your favorite graphic tee or crop top. They'll look great with your favorite sneakers! Available Sizes: 0-14

2. A Bold Pair of Hiking Tights for Climbing

Cargo Super-High-Rise Hiking Tight 25" - Lululemon, $138

This bright and bold purple color is everything. If you're skeptical about buying new hiking leggings, know that this material is made for trekking. A happy customer said these leggings feel like a thicker version of the Luxtreme leggings! With added elastane fiber, you'll have room for extra stretch and shape retention, even on an intense hike. They're sweat-wicking and quick-drying, so stay cool and dry throughout your hike no matter how hot it gets. Available Sizes: 0-20

3. A Breezy Pair of Shorts

Drop-In Pocket High-Rise Hiking Short 4" - Lululemon, $88

These high-rise hiking shorts are great for warmer days. The shorts are abrasion-resistant, water-repellent, and have a similar fit to the hiking pants. The shorts are made from 65% recycled nylon, 30% nylon, and 5% elastane. The shorts have slits on the side to allow you to climb, jump, or make any movement to get to the top of the mountain. They come in a few cute colorways, too. Available Sizes: 0-14

4. A Hiking Bra You Can Swim In

Hike to Swim Bra - Lululemon, $78

Gone are the days of stripping down (or getting your clothes soaked) to enjoy a tropical water fall. This bra is both chlorine- and salt-resistant and offers superior support when climbing and dries fast after swimming. There are plenty of hidden gems to hike that have amazing waterfalls and swimming holes to explore. It's the ultimate cool down after an intense hike. With the hike to swim bra, you're unstoppable. It offers medium support for B-C cups and has a high neck for extra coverage. There's a back drop-in pocket on the underband for your key, an ID, and credit card. Available Sizes: 2-14

5. A T-Shirt You'll Stay Cool In

Lightweight Cinched Hem Hiking T-Shirt - Lululemon, $68

This shirt is too cool — literally. This sweat-wicking shirt is naturally breathable, quick-drying, and has an easy fit that floats away from your body. You won't feel sticky in this shirt, even if it does get super warm outdoors! And of course, if you feel like your deodorant is running on empty, you can feel at ease knowing the shirt is treated with no-stink zinc so it'll inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It sits below the waistband for everyday coverage, so feel free to wear it with low-waist or high-waist bottoms. We're big fans of the hidden zippered pocket so you don't have to leave without your small essentials, like a car key, ID, and a credit card. Available Sizes: 0-20

6. A Hiking Pullover for Cool Mornings

Tech Fleece Hiking 1/4 Zip Pullover - Lululemon, $128

You'll need a variety of outer layers for hiking depending on the weather. However, a fleece pullover comes in handy for early morning hikes and casual outings in fall and winter. Lululemon's 1/4 zip pullover is great for cool mornings and cold nights when it's time to get cozy around a campfire — it'll keep you warm without overheating. It's sweat-wicking and has a loose fit so your skin can breathe. Plus, there are mesh fabric panels to keep you breezy if the heat starts going up. Enjoy the addition of the secure kangaroo pocket (with a phone sleeve). Having your phone on you is important, ladies! So pack it along for a midday walk or afternoon hike. Available Sizes: 0-14

7. A Must-Have Pair of Hiking Socks

Power Stride Hiking Ankle Sock - Lululemon, $28

A hiking sock made to keep your feet dry, cool, and comfy will change the way you see socks — because you can't just wear any sock when camping or hiking. You need a sock that's breathable and supportive. Lululemon's hiking ankle sock checks all the boxes and more. You know we always recommend merino wool when it comes to socks (it's naturally thermoregulating). This means it doesn't matter if it's hot or cold outside — your feet will stay warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. The sock is breathable, cushioning at the arch, and even offers protection against chafe when wearing hiking boots. Available Sizes: S-L

8. A Cute Crossbody for Your Water Bottle

Waterbottle Crossbody - Lululemon, $38

The first time I went hiking I carried my water bottle. Never again. It's time to invest in a water bottle crossbody bag. Lululemon's bag will fit most water bottles and leaves your hands free, so you can enjoy climbing, walking your dog, or snacking on-the-go. You can even squeeze a couple of small essentials into the bag as well. Pack your key, a few cards, and your phone in the zippered pocket. The nylon bag is water-repellent, so you'll be able to keep it clean and dry. However, if it gets a little dusty or muddy, you can spot clean it. It's available in five different colors.