Andy Hicks

Louisiana Reminds Hunters That it is Illegal to...

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife gives hunters friendly reminder that it's illegal to bring certain out-of-state deer parts back into Louisiana.

This is a new regulation that took effect back in March. The law was passed in efforts to prohibit chronic wasting disease from entering the state. Currently, 41 states have already set restrictions on bringing back deer carcasses from out-of-state. Thus far, only 24 states have records that CWD is in their state.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries issued the following announcement:

"No person shall import, transport or possess any cervid (any member of the deer family) carcass or part of a cervid carcass originating outside of Louisiana, except for meat that is cut and wrapped. Meat that has been boned out; quarters or other portions of meat with no part of the spinal column or head attached, antlers, clean skull plates with antlers, cleaned skulls without tissue attached, capes, tanned hides, finished taxidermy mounts and cleaned cervid teeth.... Any and all bones shall be disposed of in a manner where its final destination is at an approved landfill."

The legal parts of the cervid brought back to Louisiana must provide information. This includes the hunter's name, out-of-state license, address, date, species and location of harvest.

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