You Will Lose Your Mind When You See the Price Tag on This Swimbait

In the fancy world of serious swimbait fishing, pricy lures are the name of the game!

Before we dive into just how much this lure is going to set you back, I just want to state that I am in no way opposed to, or making fun of, serious swimbait anglers. The fact that these lures can get this pricy shows just how serious of a fishing style this is. Let's face it, it certainly produces some monster fish!


Photo from: Tackle Warehouse

Believe it or not, if you are looking to purchase the Roman Made Mother Swimbait, then you will have to dish out a whopping grand total of $439.99! My advice would be to fish with nothing but 50-pound braided line and a wire leader if you plan on throwing this one in your local pond.

Now I am sure a lot of folks are trying to figure out why in the world would a swimbait cost so much. Good question. I am sure a good chunk of this lures price tag is justified by the fact that it was used to catch the previous Lake Biwa record bass; however, even with that that in mind, I know some people are still scratching their heads in amazement. 

If you are still puzzled by the sticker price, then think of it like this. This is a handmade product that obviously isn't designed for the local fisherman tossing night crawlers out on his cane pole. This lure has a target market with a hefty amount of disposable income to throw at new baits and lures. If you think about someone dropping $50,000 on a boat and $45,000 on a truck, then a lil over $400 for a lure is chump change.

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