Loon Releases Non-Toxic, Functional Tin Weights for Fishermen

Designed for stealth and built to protect the environment. Loon Outdoors releases new Tin Weights that are practical for all fishermen.

A loon is a bird that dives for its food. These beautiful aquatic animals often become poisoned by lead tackle used by fisherman. Federal law mandates that waterfowl hunters use non-lead shot when duck and goose hunting, while fishermen and companies like Loon Outdoors are taking steps to protect the environment on their own.

Tin Weights

Loon Outdoors took to the complaints of outfitters and guides who stated that there just wasn't much available in tin weights to compliment their fishing tackle. Drop weights, fishing sinkers and drop shot all have multiple options in lead form, but not much in tin. Loon Outdoors decided to accept the challenge and design not only a practical and stealthy tin weight design, but a handy dispense system for the angler.

Tin Weights

The Tin Weights are designed for stealth with a durable matte coating. The textured design prevents slipping in the line, while the double-cut design allows for multiple re-use and simple adjustments.

Tin Weights

Tin weights certainly aren't a new concept, but Loon created weights that are non-toxic, easy to use, adjustable and textured to prevent slipping. They're available in nine sizes and both matte camo or black to reduce spooking of wary fish. Loon also sells refill packs when anglers run low to keep you from never being without the drop weight you need.

For more information, visit Loon Outdoors and choose the right size and color for you!

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