What Long-Distance Shooting Products Were Shown Off at SHOT Show?

Long-distance shooting starts and ends with sufficient gear.

SHOT Show typically features some awesome long-distance products, so we decided to narrow it down some of the coolest ones we saw.

Here are a few things to get excited about this year:

Federal Premium Edge TLR

Federal just released this elite long-distance ammunition, and it's drawn some serious attention at SHOT. The Edge TLR is an extremely accurate round, which we were lucky enough to see at Industry Day at the Range. It does optimal damage at both long and short distances. Its Slipstream polymer tip helps expansion at long range, and the copper shank and bonded lead core help deliver a punch at short range.

Bushnell LRHS Riflescope

Available in 3-12x44 or 4.5-18x44, this scope meets every one of a long-distance shooter's needs. It features a very accurate G3 drop reticle that makes it ideal for long-range shooting. And, you have the ability to upgrade to an illuminated drop reticle.

This scope also boasts Busnell's RevLimiter zero stop on the elevation turret, which allows for an instant return to zero.

224 Valkyrie Gold Sierra MatchKing

The Federal Premium 224 Valkyrie line was named Best New Ammunition at the 2018 Big Rock Sports East distributor show in Raleigh, North Carolina, earlier this month. From early reports, the Gold Sierra MatchKing is the best when it comes to long-range shooting.

The 224 Valkyrie caliber is unbelievable, and shooters were hitting targets beyond 750 yards with their first shot at Industry Day at the Range.

Savage MSR15 Valkyrie

Savage built this firearm to get the highest-possible performance out of the new 224 Valkyrie ammunition, and it worked. This gun is extremely comfortable to hold, with an adjustable stock to find the perfect fit. It's extremely accurate, largely due the ammunition, but this gun has a certain feel when you pull the trigger.

The combination of this rifle and the 224 Valkyrie ammunition produces supersonic velocities out as far as 1,300 yards.

Our SHOT Show 2018 coverage is brought to you in partnership with Federal Premium Ammunition, and will continue during and after the Show, which takes place January 23-26, 2018. Check out our full coverage, including plenty of news and unveilings from Federal Premium, as well as other shooting and outdoor brands, as it happens.