Lone Wolf's Hunt Ready Treestand System is the Deadliest Setup on the Market

The Lone Wolf Hunt Ready Treestand System might be the most versatile, strongest, lightest setup in the world.

I'll be honest, I never thought I'd use any of the run-and-gun hunting setups you hear about. I've hung a lot of stands over the years, and when hanging hang-on treestands, it never goes as simply as you'd like. So, to me, the thought of taking a stand in and trying to hang it before the hunt threw all stealthiness out the window.

Well, now that's all changed, as the Lone Wolf Hunt Ready Treestand System has made a believer out of me. Climbing treestands have always been in my arsenal for hunting. But, you often run into problems because straight, climbable trees aren't always where you want them to be. That's where Lone Wolf's run-and-gun setup shines. As hunters, we aren't out hunting trees, we're looking for prime ambush spots.

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I really can't get over how much I love this sleek, lightweight and incredibly sturdy setup.

What It Entails

Lone Wolf's Hunt Ready Treestand System includes the industry-leading Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On stand, a four-pack of Lone Wolf climbing sticks and an Alphatech Stick Quiver. That's just about everything you need to hang and hunt from a versatile system while keeping your stealthiness as a hunter.

The Alpha Hang On is probably the most efficient seat and platform I've hunted from. It's the best blend of weight, size, sturdiness, quietness and comfortability you can get from a stand in the industry. Sure, you might find stands that outperform it in one category, but the engineering within the stand to make it excel in all those areas is impressive.

Lone Wolf

The platform is a 30x19.5-inch, one-piece, cast-aluminum stand with a padded seat at 14x12 inches, with a height of 21 inches and a weight rating of 350 pounds. So, it's a roomy stand altogether. And shockingly, the Alpha only weighs 14 pounds, which is amazing. Carrying the whole system (which included the sticks) was way easier than any other stand transportation I've ever experienced.

The seat and platform both have individual, self-adjusting leveling systems that help you get the perfect stability and balance no matter what kind of tree you're in. It also features innovative, offset bracketing technology that can help you secure yourself to crooked trees. Rather than listening to me try to explain that myself, check out this video and see how that works.

As I mentioned, the Hunt Ready System comes with the Lone Wolf climbings sticks and quiver. The quiver allows you to attach four climbings sticks to the stand itself in a very sleek, lean profile. It packs into your truck well, and it isn't a hassle to carry it on your back to your hunting destination.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

The climbing sticks are designed for hunters by hunters, so they're perfect for getting in and out of setups quickly and quietly. Once you get some practice in getting the Hunt Ready System set up, you can get yourself in your stand and ready to shoot in under 8 minutes.

Although my time wasn't near that quick, it drastically improved over the course of the year. And, with another year under my belt this coming fall, I should be able to keep it under 10 minutes.

Be sure to watch videos and do your research as much as you can, but I promise you won't find a more versatile stand.

Final Thoughts

I was able to benefit from the Hunt Ready Treestand System in so many different ways this past season. Whether I was carrying it in and throwing it up, putting it trees you normally wouldn't be able to place a stand in, or leaving it in one spot like a permanent stand, it got the job done. The options were endless.

The system really is the ultimate tool for a hunter. I especially see it being beneficial for a hardcore public hunter. Lone Wolf products give you such an advantage that other setups won't. If you're often moving and trying to ambush pressured deer, this is worth every penny. You won't want any other stand underneath your feet.

Lone Wolf

It only took a few hunts before I was sold on Lone Wolf products. They all feature a combination of innovation, efficiency and user-friendliness that other companies can't compete with.