Remi Warren hunting in the backwoods.

Remi Warren Podcast on Hunting Tactics Re-Launches Under New Name

Remi Warren's podcast full of helpful hunting tips is back.

Noted hunting guide, writer, conservationist, and TV personality Remi Warren wants to help more people achieve their hunting dreams and has re-launched his popular podcast, previously called "Cutting the Distance," to do just that.

Warren has re-branded the podcast to "Live Wild with Remi Warren" and told us he is set to release new episodes every Thursday.

Warren mentioned how the podcast is meant to be incredibly informative, with specific tips and techniques that all hunters can immediately start incorporating into their own adventures. The podcast is mostly Warren taking you through a previous hunting experience step-by-step and then analyzing everything that happened with a lesson-based perspective.

"I generally take a story that happened from a hunt, and then I break down some of the tips and tactics used in that story," Warren said.

It's Warren's way of giving back to the hunting community by drawing on literally thousands of hours of experience in the backcountry pursuing North American big game, both as a hunter and as a noted guide.

His goal is to make it as informative as possible. If his content and his words help someone pursuing an elk or waiting for a deer, then he's doing his job.

"I feel very fortunate to have gotten to spend so much time in the wild, whether it's guiding, whether it's on my own personal hunts," Warren said. "I've spent thousands of days out there and I feel like I've picked up things that many people might not ever learn."

Live Wild With Remi Warren Podcast Structure

Warren told us the podcasts are going to mostly consist of in-depth hunt breakdowns conducted by himself. However, he may sometimes bring in guests he feels add value to the discussion or who are experts at specific tactics highlighted by the show. There will also be chances for listeners to call in and ask their hunting-related questions live.

"If somebody who's going out hunting, and they've only got the weekend can learn from some of the tactics that have taken me hundreds of days to kind of pick up on and get better at, then I feel like I can cut people's success time in half," Warren said.

The Live Wild with Remi Warren podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts can be found. For more information, you can visit Remi Warren's website.

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