23 Lions vs Buffalo
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23 Lions Slay Cape Buffalo in (Literally) Wild Video

The thing about nature is that she is very rarely fair. The lower you are on the food chain, the more likely you will find that out the hard way. Animals seem to find that out more often on the African plains than anywhere else on Earth. We found a video that shows just how unfair things can get when a lone cape buffalo is put into the world's most unfair handicap match against a pride of 23 lions. Spoiler alert: The lions kill the cape buffalo with ease.

The buffalo is caught between a true rock and a hard place early in the video. It has found temporary safety in a large pool, which the lions are hesitant to enter. However, several hippos also occupy the pool and don't want the buffalo in their space. So, the buffalo must choose between taking his chances with the hippos or the lions. Ultimately, the buffalo decides on the lions and attempts to slip past them slowly and quietly. It doesn't work, of course, but it had to try. The rest of the video shows the vicious takedown of the buffalo in graphic detail. It's a bit rough to watch, but it's the reality of nature.

The Cape buffalo is considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. It hasn't earned the nickname "the black death" for nothing. They're giant, stubborn, mean animals with no qualms about attacking others or defending themselves. However, in this scenario, 23 on one is a no-win situation, even for the mighty cape buffalo. The buffalo knew that too. It had no choice in the end and had to make a break for it.

Somebody took this footage in Ngala Private Game Reserve in Kruger National Park, and it's also noteworthy because you probably noticed the two white lions in this pride. As far as we know, those are two of only three known white lions to exist in the wild today. Seeing a takedown like this is impressive enough, but seeing a coordinated attack involving two white lions? That's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for sure.

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