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Curious Lion Opens Car Door, to the Horror of the Tourists Inside

Lion Car Door
YouTube: Joshua Southerland

Who knew lions could open car doors?

Remember that scene in the classic dinosaur movie Jurassic Park where the velociraptor opens doors? It made for some truly terrifying moments because the film's protagonists were not safe after simply slamming the door in the animal's face. Thank goodness it's just a movie and living animals today cannot do that right?

Well, you'd be very wrong. As this video from South Africa clearly demonstrates. These tourists are visiting a park or preserve where a pride of lions is lounging from the hot summer sun under some trees.

One of the female lions gets curious about the car and decides to take a closer look. What happens next is what we can only call "a true pants-soiling moment!"

"I didn't know they could do that!"

The car's door handle was a simple pull open obviously. If the door is unlocked, it's not going to have any trouble opening the vehicle. We don't think the lion was purposely trying to open the car's door. She simply decided to taste test the handle and when she pulled back, surprise, the door pops open by accident! It seems likely that the lion was as surprised as the humans were!

We have seen a ton of classic video clips of lions out of South Africa in recent years. With more people rolling with their cell phone cameras, more and more incidents like this are being inadvertently captured. Previously they would have simply been a crazy story that none of their friends or co-workers would have likely believed back home.

The video's uploader, Joshua Sutherland says this incident happened on a mission trip and he calls it "the experience of a lifetime" in the video's description. We think that's probably the understatement of the year. Hope they had some fresh drawers ready for after it was over, and their heart rates all returned to normal. The lesson to take away from this video? If you are ever in the presence of large carnivores, lock your doors!

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Curious Lion Opens Car Door, to the Horror of the Tourists Inside