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These Hunters Don't Realize a Lion is Hunting Them

YouTube: mrbigtex

A hunter makes a last-minute shot to save his life in this heart-pounding hunting video.

When you mess with the King of the Beasts, you should expect danger--a lot of danger.

In the clip below, a team of South African lion hunters have shot and wounded a male lion, but it disappears from their field of view. It doesn't take long for the team to realize the lion is circling them, searching for an opportunity to strike.

When they hear the growl of the lion, the hunters take their positions to fire. The lion is outnumbered, but it has its sights set on one hunter in particular.

Watch the tense hunt unfold.

If you need to snap out of it, a lion charge like that one would trump smelling salts any day.

The hunters managed to leave the altercation alive, but also very lucky. That shot couldn't have happened a split second later, or the result would've been much, much different.



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These Hunters Don't Realize a Lion is Hunting Them