Lightning Strikes Fisherman on First Cast in Ponce Inlet, FL.

Florida is known as the lightning capital of the world, and it earned that reputation for a reason.

When your first cast of the day gets you struck by lightning, I think it is safe to say that it isn't going to be your best day on the water.

Well, that is exactly what happened to a 55-year-old Port Orange man who was fishing in Ponce Inlet. An official report by Fox News  concluded that James Church was fishing when a bolt of lightning struck the weight on his fishing line on his very first cast off the North Jetty.

The bolt was so powerful that it pushed his pole into his abdomen, then ran down his are and exposed through his hand.

Despite the devastating lightning bolt, James managed to locate his cellphone and call 911 all by himself.

Church explain his ordeal by stating, "The pole handle went right through here, put a hole right there...Shredded my stomach all up, all of my stomach is gone.  Then on the way out it melted my fingers.  I screamed, 'I'm not going to die this way!'  I screamed out loud, 'I'm not going to die this way!'"

Authorities are suggesting that the insulated waders he was wearing could have helped to save his life.

The beach safety that showed up on the scene said that Church was conscious and alert. He was then transferred to Halifax Health Medical Center and then later arrived at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Church is hard worker who owns two businesses, but is currently without health insurance.

There is currently a Gofundme account set up to help cover the expenses that have added up due to the abdominal surgery and emergency care Church has received.

If you are in a position to help out then please head over to the Gofundme page and donate to help Church get back on his feet.

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